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29 de out. de 2011


Por: Bruno Hostalácio

Considering my experience and expectations managing business process and applying BPM, I want to share 7 must to have or must to be on road map features for BPMS tools. 
  1. Usability: vendor should plan to enhance process execution user interface, specially considering complex forms and processes. BPMS tools should support agile, flexible and intuitive interfaces development.
  2. Social and Collaboration: BPMS should provide social and collaboration tools to support process development and execution. This features must to enable participants to follow, contribute, change, execute and manage processes easily and collaboratively.
  3. Mobile: it is mandatory to be able to interface through mobile devices like iPAD, iPhone, Android devices and others. Participants should be able to model, analyse, develop, execute and manage processes using their mobile devices.
  4. Touchscreen Devices: BPMS tools should be able to explore all features available on mobile devices, including touchscreen. Participants should be able to model and execute process using touchscreen features.
  5. Voice Assistent: BPMS vendor should plan to integrate with voice assistants like Siri and Google Voice Actions. Participants should receive voice assistant support to execute and interact with business processes.
  6. BAM and BI: Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) and Business Intelligence (BI) features should be available on BPM suites. In case of BI, analytic capability should be also considered.
  7. Business Processes and Adaptive Case Management (ACM): in my perspective BPMS tools should be able to take care of business processes on the same framework and environment.
Please let me know about your considerations and tips. Thanks for reading .
Best Regards,
Bruno Hostalácio

Um comentário:

  1. Bruno,

    Your list is fantastic. Add the following item:

    BRM / BRE, a good business rules engine, with user-friendly interface for the end user.

    Best regards,

    Marco Gandra